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Stefano De Luigi’s Photographs of Drought in Kenya

In 2009 Stefano De Luigi shot a series of works based on the Kenyan drought, specifically within the Turkana region in northwest Kenya. Stefano, uses the drought as a lens through which to examine climate change more widely. follow link to interview and pictures in the vice magazine.



Piringan village in Turkana. ..Five million Kenyans are affected by the famine and draught. Kenya is the forgotten country on the horn of Africa..Southern Kenya is famous for a massive tourist industry with green landscape, snowy mountains, rich wildlife and crystal sandy beaches. The northern part is the opposite. The north is hardly hit by the draught and the villages are isolated with no roads connected to the bigger towns. The Turkana region is inhabited by pastoralists and the people…more


A Question of Dignity: Kenyans for Kenya

Some parts of East Africa and the Horn are experiencing the worst drought in 60 years. In Kenya, a local initiative, Kenyans for Kenya, has rallied citizens to donate funds to feed the hungry; much of the money has been raised through cash transfers done by mobile phone. Caroline Mutoko, a presenter at KISS FM, one of the country’s biggest radio stations, has been one of the campaign’s most vocal supporters. In this film, she explains the objectives of Kenyans for Kenya.