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Somaliland’s herders devastated by drought

Hargeisa, Somaliland – Vast regions of Somaliland, the autonomous territory that declared independence from Somalia in 1991, but has not been internationally recognised, are enduring one of their harshest droughts in two decades.

As the wet seasons have grown increasingly erratic and the rainfall more sporadic over recent years, thousands of herding families across the remote coastal Awdal and Galbeed territories have been pushed into crisis. link

Somaliland herders

The People We met, The Photos We Love

Some photos that caught the attention of Christian Aid’s Communication Team in 2014 featuring the people and a glimpse of their story. See and Read more here


Ebola, Malnutrition, Starvation And Nollywood by Patrick Dele Cole

Bollywood and Nollywood have yet to see any humanitarian work of note. During the 1990s when starvation nearly wiped out many of the children in Ethiopia, it was an English Man Bob Geldorf and an American, Bono, who got fellow artists together to sing “Do they know it is Christmas”.
There was not a squeak from India and Africa. Ebola is here now and these same two musicians – Geldorf at nearly 70 and Bono – are again in the forefront raising money for Ebola victims. – See more follow link


Father trying to feed his son

For John, powerful images are meaningless unless he feels he’s preserved his subjects’ dignity. In 1984, while at a feeding center in famine-ridden Ethiopia, he saw a woman who’d collapsed near a dilapidated building to give birth. The woman had passed out naked, the baby still attached to her. Knowing Ethiopians to be modest, John covered her up and ran to find medical aid. By the time he got back, a British television crew was hovering and the cameraman was ready to slug him. “He was pissed that I ruined this Pulitzer Prize-winning shot,” John says. His voice quivers as he remembers his mother’s advice: “Human dignity is more important than Pulitzer Prize-winning.” link


Somalis flee to Ethiopia’s refugee camps

Jan Grarup of Noor Images captured pictures of the influx of refugees arriving at Ethiopia’s Dollo Ado camp this October. In the area around the border city of Dollo Ado between Somalia and Ethiopia, four large refugee camps – Hilaweyn, Kobe, Malkadida and Bokomayo – are extremely overcrowded, hosting more than 120,000 refugees. A fifth camp is under construction to deal with the big influx of people arriving daily.   ….LINK 



The helper: Treating malnutrition in Ethiopia

Over 16,700 severely malnourished patients, mostly children, have been cared for so far in MSF programmes in Oromiya and SNNP regions of Ethiopia. Among them, 2,071 children suffering from medical complications were admitted to five stabilisation centres where they received 24-hour medical attention. Another 14,700 severely malnourished children have received nutritional treatment and food rations on an ambulatory basis in a network of 44 outpatient therapeutic programmes (OTP). Supplementary food rations made up of a corn and soja blend with oil and sugar have also been provided to 1,700 moderately malnourished children and their families.



hunger in the horn of africa | jan grarup

The droughts affecting the Horn of Africa since July 2011 are labelled by the UN as the worst ones in over half a century, they put an estimated 12 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia in need of relief.