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Afghan photographers shoot to glory

Since the creation of Aina by Reza in 2001, many Afghans have been trained by Manoocher Deghati, director of Aina photo department in 2002 and 2003. A large number of these students are now acknowledged and rewarded by international institutions and the public.  link

Father trying to feed his son

For John, powerful images are meaningless unless he feels he’s preserved his subjects’ dignity. In 1984, while at a feeding center in famine-ridden Ethiopia, he saw a woman who’d collapsed near a dilapidated building to give birth. The woman had passed out naked, the baby still attached to her. Knowing Ethiopians to be modest, John covered her up and ran to find medical aid. By the time he got back, a British television crew was hovering and the cameraman was ready to slug him. “He was pissed that I ruined this Pulitzer Prize-winning shot,” John says. His voice quivers as he remembers his mother’s advice: “Human dignity is more important than Pulitzer Prize-winning.” link