comprehend hunger through imagery

Solutions are Embarrassingly obvious

Part XI of the Descendent of the Hyena Series. Start from the beginning

The message looking at the reality of recurring hunger and the Story of Zara is in some ways all too obvious. It is the interaction of harsh seasons in the Sahel and ramped poverty. Every year good or bad, in the month before the harvest hundreds of millions of people go hungry and must wait for the rain. Eating less and less until there is only water, a hand full of millet and some wild roots left to give to the crying children.
The answer is equally apparent no isolated intervention will ever end that cycle; systematic thinking is needed to organise proven useful ideas into a coherent anti-hunger strategy. Mechanisms by which people can demand their right, and structures to enforce these rights, must be built around all of this.
The rich of this world the one with the warm hands must be prepared to provide the means to make this strategy work. A hunger-free, not only famine free, may seem impossibly idealistic now, but the work of people will ensure that “impossible” will one day no longer be so. Hunger is preventable, it must be prevented. Let us begin the work and give mothers like Zara and her family our ear, empathy and stand in solidarity with their annual fight against hunger.
END of the Descendent of the Hyena Series

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