comprehend hunger through imagery

Descendent of the Hyena

Photo and Text: Smauel Hauenstein Swan –

Over the next few weeks, I will post the story of Zara, a women framer from Guidan Koura. The name of the village means the place of the Hyena, in remembrance of the ancient female ruler, once guiding this region of Niger at the edge of the Saharan Desert.

Zara’s story typifies the reality of many smallholder farmers in the Sahelian belt running from Senegal in the west of Subsaharan Africa to Ethiopia in the east. Like many communities in this semi-desert environment; rain falls only a few months of the year, and irrigation sources are few. Every year between April and harvest time in September the food runs low and hunger grips communities, families, men, women and children.

“My Fram is more like a garden,” Zara tells us, “the soil is poor. It gives us no more than two months’ worth of millet, less if the rains are not plentiful. The rest of the year I must look for work and make do with whatever is there is to find”

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