comprehend hunger through imagery

The long walk of Cheposokoi and Pkorir

Cheposokoi: Story from the field in West Pokot Kenya 
Cheposokoi walked for all morning from her village high up in the mountains to find a nutrition health worker. Carrying Pkorir, her baby, and a small bag filled with an empty water bottle and a little-ripped towel, she finally reached the centre under the intense heat of the afternoon sun. 

There are dozens of other mother’s waiting patiently at the Action Against Hunger screening site. When the community health volunteer examines Pkorir’s, the signs of malnutrition are evident, the baby is severely acute malnourished. He has lost more than third of his wight, has diarrhoea for days and is unable to eat. Without hesitation, Cheposokoi and her baby are rushed to the stabilisation centre in Sigor’s Regional Hospital. 

County Nutrition Coordinator for the Ministry of Health, Leah Chelobei, says: “There is an immense problem of malnutrition in our country and one of the biggest challenges we face in knowledge gaps with our health workers. We need to build the capacity of all levels – mothers, health workers, nurses and doctors – to raise awareness about the danger of malnutrition and identify children like Pkorir long before there are this weak.”


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