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Kenya versus al-Shabab

Foreign intervention in Somalia is damaging, according to the country’s emerging civic moderates.
Abdi Ismail Samatar Last Modified: 16 Nov 2011 08:28
The intervention of external forces in Somalia has consistently plunged Somalia into greater destruction. Is it even possible to compound the suffering of a famine-stricken population? Once again, we find ourselves at a familiar junction: Destructive, illegal intervention, the continuation of internal chaotic violence and a new indignation.

This situation need not deteriorate further.

As far as Somalia is concerned, this time calls for a new solution – that is, one that comes from neither foreign forces invading the country, nor from violent factions within Somalia terrorising the population. For those who don’t yet know, Somalia is experiencing a quiet, yet significant, change: The Somali people have found a third way; one that is a civic-minded, progressive political movement. And this effort is gaining enthusiastic support amongst Somalis inside and outside the country….


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