comprehend hunger through imagery

Martina Bacigalupo: Mogadishu, Somalia (Agence Vu: September 2011)


Martina Bacigalupo


Somalia, Mogadishu – 2011


“On the 06th of August 2011, Islamist militia Al-Shabaab retreat Mogadishu, living a city wounded by two decades of civil war.
Inhabitants who are still scared by snipers desert several districts. And IDP camps, where hundred of people get to every day in order to avoid the starvation which lay the country waste, are spread out in the whole city.

TGF forces (Transitional Government), which had to protect the population, are sometimes responsible of serious breakings of human rights in the IDP camps, and AMISON (African Union peace forces) can’t face the country’s issues.
People are trapped between an incompetent power and an armed group which block the humanitarian aid necessary to help people against one of the worst dryness the Horn of Africa known.
Those who try to leave the country reach the biggest IDP camp in Dadaab, Kenya.

In Banadir Hospital, the four children we saw yesterday are dead: four children in less 24 hours…
In Badbadoo IDP camp, Mogadishu’s biggest camp, about twenty children die every day. No infrastructures, no medicines, no food.”

Martina Bacigalupo, August 2011 (for Le Monde)



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